A Memoir About Liberating Myself From Anorexia

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Are you trapped inside an eating disorder?

Is biting into a slice of banana bread or simply an apple challenging?

If so, Rachel will guide you towards a

liberated and beautiful life!

In her inspiring memoir, Rachel shares her twenty-year battle with anorexia as she travels the planet as an executive assistant, rock musician, teacher, playwright, and cookie company owner.  Interspersed with humorous anecdotes and raw moments are fresh insights to pin feelings of hope onto your heart.  As you replace negative thoughts with positive truths, you’ll feel empowered to join Rachel as an Emancipated Love Junkie—radiating your best self and flooding your world with joy. 

Rachel Wilshusen is a dynamic and vibrant writer with liberal arts degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, University College London, and the University of Cambridge.  After an extensive battle with anorexia, including admittance to an eating disorder center, Rachel wrote Emancipated Love Junkie to embolden others to follow her path towards Recovery.  Coastal runs with her husband and jumping into ocean waves are her favorite ways to spend sunny mornings in Del Mar, California

“She invites the reader to accompany her on her walk through life and to pick up, along with her, some of the lessons she learned along the way.”
Lucy, London
“If you’ve ever thought about what you’re eating, and/or how much, if you’ve ever had to stave off a negative internal voice telling you you’re not good enough or worthy of love, if you’ve ever had any sort of self-doubt thought, then this book will resonate with you.”
Laura, Los Angeles
“For anyone who has experienced an eating disorder, you’ll see yourself in her words and feel her pain and triumphs like they’re your own.”
Lisa, Pasadena